Our success is the result of understanding our clients requirements and exceeding their expectations.We also innvovate and provide a fun hard working environment for our employees so they can learn and teach others about our clients brands.


Our proven marketing strategies can help you grow market share and increase your brand awareness. We want to know every thing about your consumer so we can help you put on a beneficial field marketing campaign. We will create that emotion and great feeling for your customers when they experience your brand.


Experiential Marketing:

Whether it's handing out your samples or promotional material through Street teams in high traffic area's throughout Canada and the U.S we got you covered. We also keep our ear to the pulse with the best events that would be beneficial to your brand by making your presents felt.

Guerrilla Media & Brand Awareness:

Add an element of grass roots and word of mouth marketing to help assit you with your traditional media.

Campaign Creation & Execution:

We can create custom campaigns that will suit your needs and help make your brand stand out by making sure our efforts are in line with your overall brand marketing strategy.